Siuslaw River Bridge, Oregon

Siuslaw River Bridge, Oregon

Allen L. Thornton Photographer

Fine Art & Decorator Art Photographer


Artwork Network, Denver

Florence Regional Arts Alliance, Oregon

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Quality light, strong subjects and artful composition are key elements for successful photographic art.  Combine these qualities with originality and a little luck, magic can happen. 

A short-order cook in Lees Ferry, AZ described the morning light that painted the Vermillion Cliffs behind his café as the “a God thing”.  I have never heard nature described in a more elegant way.  I have spent the last twenty years traveling much of North America looking for  opportunities to capture the God Thing.

The follow images are just a portion of my efforts to capture just such moments.




Video Sandhills Crane & Geese

Sandhill Cranes in Monta Visa, CO. Mid March 2018

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